Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

It’s the Real Deal

Know virtually nothing about Virtual Reality? We’ve got you covered.

Technology evolves and adapts at a rapid pace, and it can be tricky to keep up with it all. While the idea of VR has been around since the 90’s, the technology has only caught up now. This has changed VR from a distant goal, to an immediate reality.

Virtual reality is no longer a futuristic idea exclusive to science fiction movies. Remember Surrogates with Bruce Willis, where people get fat at home and send their svelte virtual selves around town to interact with other virtual people? Or that scene from Minority Report, where Tom Cruise manipulates screens and data with his hands?

The future is here, folks – take the place of Tom Cruise and get your hands on the tech, today!

So what is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is an artificial and digital world that you are transported into, as you harness the power of modern tech. Alternatively, for the techies out there, it is a computer generated environment with which you can interact. You become fully immersed in this new world.

Virtual reality technologies change the way we interact with the world. Some of these technologies are already available and ready for your business and brand to use so that you can take your customer’s experience to the next level .

The Levels of Immersion

Depending on which virtual reality device  you use, your virtual reality experience will differ. This is what we call the “levels of immersion”.

Immersion means that you are physically present in the virtual world. Think of the possibilities, like being surrounded by dinosaurs, or playing fetch with your virtual dog. Depending on your level of immersion you can experience a video scene in 360˚, or feel the twang of the string as you shoot a bow and arrow in a medieval forest.

Virtual Reality

From the graph above, your sense of immersion changes according to the virtual reality device you use. Your virtual experience will feel more real as your gear gets fancier, and more intricate.

Your VR platform options

360˚ Video

One of the latest trends is videos in full 360˚. It allows the viewer to change their point of view and experience all parts of the video’s environment. But, many people confuse 360˚ videos with virtual reality. 360˚ video is something you should have actually already established for your brand, as the technology has been around for quite some time.

360˚ allows your customers to put on a headset (like Google Cardboard ) and, whichever way they turn, they are virtually there. They are part of your event, venue or brand experience. The experience is a 360˚ visual feast, especially when combined with sound. Your customer can use their phone alone or combine it with Google Cardboard headsets , which can be conveniently designed with your company branding on them, for a more immersive experience.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality devices project digital images in real life.

Imagine selecting a button and a display drops down, with all of your cell phone and email contacts, right before your eyes.

Or a hologram of a building is projected onto your table. With Microsoft HoloLense, this is all possible.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are a step up from 360˚ video and each give you a more immersive experience.  Virtual reality devices, such as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, will transport you to another reality. You will almost become fully immersed in this world, where you can interact with your environment. Imagine walking through a forest and feeling a drop of rain fall on your cheek (yes, it’s that real).

Embrace the future. Let your customers experience your business like never before, no matter where they are!

Send us an email to get your hands on your very own, branded Google Cardboard VR Viewer  for your mobile phone today.

Dip your toe in the pools of virtual reality

Send us an email to get your hands on your very own, branded Google Cardboard VR Viewer  for your mobile phone today.