virtual reality for business

Why You Need Virtual Reality for Your Business

virtual reality for your business

Until now, the thought of using virtual reality for your business probably never even crossed your mind. Wait until I mention augmented reality!

Well, the time has come when implementing virtual reality into your everyday marketing strategy for your business is virtually, a reality.

To find out how virtual reality can be used for your marketing, you first need to answer the question: “What do you want to achieve?”

Is your goal to:

  • Increase sales?
  • Create a memorable brand experience?
  • Showcase events?
  • Train your staff?


Once you’ve decided what you want to achieve, you need to determine how to use virtual reality for your business.

Here are four fantastic ways to use virtual reality for your business

Create a virtual walkthrough for your clients:

  • Model a 3D space for virtual reality and use this to create a virtual walkthrough of that space, using multiple panoramas, for your customer.
  • Let your customers explore the plans for their new home that you are building for them, or create a virtual tour of your office environment. The possibilities are endless.

Advertise your great products and services:

  • Use fun, immersive and interactive elements on your brochures or packaging that come to life when viewed through your customer’s mobile phones .
  • Give your customers the opportunity to interact with your products or services.
  • You will leave a memorable mark on your customers and, ultimately, increase your brand awareness.

Capture your event in 360˚ video:

  • Capture your amazing events in 360˚ video  for your customers. Those who went, or missed out, can enjoy the event through their Google Cardboard as if they were right there.
  • Viewers can change their point of view and experience all parts of the video’s environment.

Increase the efficiency of staff training sessions:

  • Training sessions are easily recordable so that new staff members are quickly brought up to speed and training staff are freed up to complete other tasks.
  • Your staff receives improved training as VR allows them to look around the room, interact with objects and, one day, even interact with other virtual people.

The time for incorporating virtual reality in your business is now.

Not convinced? Check out how Patrón is using virtual reality to bring their customers inside their business’s factory, Hacienda Patrón, through the eyes of their iconic bee:

Embrace the future. Let your customers experience your business like never before, no matter where they are!

Send us an email to get your hands on your very own, branded Google Cardboard VR Viewer  for your mobile phone today.

Dip your toe in the pools of virtual reality

Send us an email to get your hands on your very own, branded Google Cardboard VR Viewer  for your mobile phone today.

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