Turn Website Visitors into Customers. Every day people visit your website and ask themselves: Where am I? What should I do here? What's in it for me? If your website does not answer those questions within the first few seconds, that customer will leave.

Shift ONE offers usability testing. It isn't expensive to do, but is costly to ignore.

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Why User Test?

Find out what problems users will encounter well before your website goes live, saving time, money, effort and lost customers and revenue.

When to User Test?

Ideally user testing is done from the beginning of the web design project and at various intervals of the project - from paper prototyping to after go-live.

Simple and Easy

It's easy: we do it for you! Selecting a section of your target audience, you can get on doing what you need to do while we test your project.

Usability Testing Can Save Your Website

Usability testing is one of the most powerful things you can do for your business. Most websites are designed by a graphic designer or a web developer, or even your marketing manager. Few are designed using customers to test the wording used, the layout and flow, and most do not convert visitors into customers.

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The steps involved in user testing:

  1. Identify your target market: their needs and goals.
    Example: Target market A: Male Marketing Managers who are computer literate and who use product XYZ
  2. Find 'surrogate users' who match these criteria. Prepare the questionnaire, conduct the user test and record the outcome. Prepare the findings and present video and report.

What Can I User Test?

  • Websites: e-commerce, traditional
  • Registration processes
  • Emails and newsletters
  • E-commerce buying processes
  • Direct mail pieces
  • Shopping malls signage
  • Airport signage
  • Anything that people use can be user tested

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