Website Usability Testing Application

Thank you for expressing interest in testing websites for Shift ONE’s client base.
The industry term for this is "Usability Testing".

What is Expected of You

You will be going through a website, using it as if you were interested in the products and services, and we’ll be taking notes about where you struggle or get confused along the way. This is done so that we can give our client this feedback, and they can go away and make the website easier to use.


We will pay you for your time, an amount agreed upon up front, and we will cover any additional expenses occurred during the test. You will not be required to pay for any items purchased, these will be credited after the test or we will provide the credit card details to be used during testing.


Unless otherwise specified, the test will be conducted at our offices at Eden on the Bay in Blouberg, Cape Town.


We might ask you to bring your own device (phone or laptop) or we will provide one for you, depending on what results we need from the test. We will cover the costs of data if you use your own mobile phone.


We record all sessions, these are not made public, but are shared with our client. By completing this form you are agreeing to being recorded.

Application Form

Here’s what we need to know about you:

    Which device do you own?

    Mac operating system
    Window operating system
    Other (pse specify below)

    Android (Samsung, etc)
    iOS (Apple)
    Other (pse specify below)

    Android (Samsung, etc)
    iOS (Apple)
    Other (pse specify below)

    Smart phone
    Tablet / Ipad


    I am active on Facebook and I know how to send and receive emails.
    I have shopped online, paid bills online or have submitted a tax return through e-filing.
    I have a high tech occupation/hobby like software or web developer.

    (some of our tests need people who have a clean credit record, so their applications go through, this will not be shared with anyone)
    Please don’t check my credit historyGo ahead and check my credit history, this won’t count against me
    I don’t have a credit history, but you can check anyway