Upcoming Free Courses


One of our goals at Shift ONE is to help small businesses grow, which is why we started our Free Workshops. These mini-courses or workshops are designed with the entrepreneur in mind, and are essentially knowledge-share sessions facilitated by one of our experienced digital marketers.

We started our Free Workshops over a year ago, and we're please to say that we have had great feedback from our attendees; most of whom have put what they learned into practice and seen legitimate results.

Join us for these free courses as we discuss #trending topics that are guaranteed to enhance your business savvy. There's free coffee, plus fantastic networking opportunities. Everyone is welcome.

Upcoming Free Workshops

Unfortunately there are no upcoming Freebie Fridays scheduled at the moment. Please join our Newsletter to stay updated on upcoming courses and events.

Upcoming Training and Workshops

If you'd like to find out about our upcoming paid-for training courses, please visit the Digital Marketing Academy. Shift ONE launched the Digital Marketing training academy in 2013, and we focus on face-to-face training in digital, social media, websites, seo and more.

"Your passionate team make training so enjoyable. I have definitely learned so much in such a short time, I will be back for more." - Anonymous review


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