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We take the fear out of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and turn your PPC budget into great brand awareness, leads and conversions.

Intro to Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click is a bit like ‘pay as you go’ for advertising: You set the budget, you set the platform, and you only pay for what you’ve asked for.

It’s the same with PPC: You only pay when someone clicks on your add, be it on Google, YouTube or Social Media. So no runaway, wasted budget, and no scary bills at the end of the month. Just lots of control, lots of powerful, targeted marketing, and a great ROI.

The other great thing about PPC is that you can clearly track your spending, and your demographic response, down to age, gender and location.

Persona Based Neuromarketing and
Paid Advertising

Never heard of Persona Based Neuromarketing? Then your online advertising is definately not doing as well as it could.

We have seen an increase of up to 800% in conversions when we implement this on stagnant PPC campaigns.

Find out more about Persona Based Marketing and then give us a shout to implement it for your business.

1. Goals

What do you want out of your online advertising?

Once you know what you’d like to achieve with your PPC budget, we can advise you on which PPC will best work for your campaign.

2. Budget

Your budget will be taken into account once we've met to clarify your needs.

Remember, the more you spend on paid advertising, the more customer enquiries you get!

3. Platforms

Google Search:

Based on keyword bidding, these ads take people to a landing page that has been optimised for conversions and have proven to be powerful lead generators.

This text or banner ad appears on websites that allow Google advertising and are tremendous at growing brand.

Google Remarketing: These ads are for people who have already been on a website, but have not yet converted. They follow the user through the sales funnel journey to optimise conversion.

Social Media PPC:

Facebook offers many options for advertising on mobile, desktop news feed, right hand column display, video, carousel ads, remarketing, email and Instagram. LinkedIN is powerful for B2B brand awareness and conversions and has granular targeting functionality from company type to position or level within a company.

Social media pay per click, as above, is great for creating brand awareness, and can reach your niched target market in a measurable and highly effective way.

YouTube: Banner, text or pre-video advertising on YouTube is great for creating brand awareness and click throughs to your site.

Effective use of Social Media Marketing and advertising can take your business from zero to hero in no time.

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