Neuromarketing: Harness the ‘Pleasure Centre’ of the brain to optimise Conversions

Big data is the buzz word for marketing at the moment. Knowing where customers shop, what they buy, what their preferences are and so on are powerful stats. Getting those stats is easy. Understanding the “why” behind that purchasing decision is where the true gold lies.

Human beings are largely motivated by what makes us feel good

We buy with our emotions, and then rationalise that decision with our logic afterwards.

The limbic brain is where our desires sit. Interestingly, it is not where our words sit – which is why we hear statements like, “I feel comfortable buying from this website,” or “I’m not sure why but I’m not ready to click ‘Checkout’ yet,” during our website usability trials.

Clearly, the decision to purchase sits in the limbic brain, as supported by studies done by Harvard Business School.

That’s why big names like Google, Microsoft, DaimlerChrysler and Momentum have started using neuromarketing in their marketing strategy to optimise conversions.


The brain feels a sense of reward when we meet our desires. Motivation and memory work hand-in-hand. Marketers have to understand that your product has to trigger positive memories in a person, which will motivate them to invest in it. The brain's reward system will then be triggered.

limbic-map (1)

Where neuromarketing and your business meet

Understanding why your customers choose to engage with you is powerful data. You can harness the ‘why’ behind the behaviour, and direct your marketing to target the desire or addiction centre in the brain, and start influencing your customer base.

You can also eliminate confusion.

Spraying and praying, results in confused customers. Confused customers mean lower conversions. Studies show that neuromarketing will also improve your customer’s experience with your brand and your website.

Targeting the correct core motivation behind a customer’s decisions has been shown to improve conversions by 800% (shows a study in Germany with Minolta photocopiers recently).


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