Need Website Maintenance?

Website Maintenance is Critical for your Website

Your website has regular updates and plugins that need to be updated in order to prevent your site from breaking or compromising the site’s security.

Unfortunately, if website maintenance isn’t done regularly you will find that your site falls further behind in updates. This may result in your website becoming a target for security hacks, and once you finally do update everything, your site might break.

Shift ONE Website Maintenance Package

This package ensures that your website’s plugins are updated, and that you always have the latest version of WordPress.

Website maintenance

Website maintenance

Why is this important?

  1. Speed! Websites need to be kept the best running order for good user experience, which helps with Google SEO.
  2. Hack Attack! Outdated websites are more prone to being hacked, which is easily prevented with our wordpress security package.
  3. Scan! We will also scan through your website to pick up on any anomalies or abnormalities that you might not have noticed.

Get monthly maintenance for your website for ONLY R600 p/m

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