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Why you Need a Professional Looking Website

Your website is the basic starting point when it comes to growing your business.

Nobody is going to take you seriously if you don’t have a decent website, if you’re not using a professional email address (gmail doesn’t cut it folks), or if your website looks home made.

Websites have to ooze trust, and as we always say, TRUST is something you can take to the bank – it’s what makes people buy from you.

Read one of our blogs on understanding good website design for more on this and related topics.

We don’t just design pretty websites, we design beasts that work hard for you!

  • The need to rank on page one of Google – this is called Search Engine Opimisation (SEO) and it’s when Google sends you all your customer enquries and leads, for free!
  • They need to SELL for you and get you more customers
  • They need to tell your story in a clear, easy-to-understand way
  • They need to give you a space to showcase what you do
  • They need to be easy to use

I don’t believe that websites should be noticed. The minute your customers notice the website, that’s when we’ve failed.

Customers should notice your business, your product, your services, you, not your badly designed website.

Why a Website by Shift ONE?



Our websites are breathtaking. Your website won’t be designed using a WordPress theme! We custom graphic design a layout for you that is 100% unique, your website will be a beautiful representation of your business.


Great Functionality

Your new website can have everything from e-commerce functionality, order forms and contact forms, to your latest YouTube video and social media live feeds.

We believe that all functionality should be easy-to-use!


Google SEO

Getting your customer to interact with your website improves your Google ranking and SEO. We’ll ensure your website is has the best chance of being on page one of Google (SEO). You want your website on page one of Google so it sends you customers.


SEO and Keywords

Search Engine Optimisation for your website will ensure your website ranks well on Google for your specific keywords.


Existing Website

Not happy with your existing website? Let us review your current website or test it’s usability, and get your website working for you!


Free Training

Once your website is complete we will fully train you on how to update and maintain your beautiful website with 2 hours of free WordPress training.

Why Websites by Shift ONE Work

Great Support

We are available to answer your questions and help you with your new website, even after we’ve signed it over to you.

Top Team

Our team of web developers, web designers and copy writers are creative and passionate, with up-to-date skills on the latest trends in website design.

Clear Image

Always staying true to your business’ brand, tone and vision, we will ensure your brand personality is clearly and consistently reflected on every page of your website.

Custom WordPress Website Design

We custom design you a website that does all of the above for you, using WordPress. Here you’ll find some information on how we go about designing your website, the process we follow.

We don’t use templates, our graphic designers design your website based on the brief we work on together.

Your website will be easy for you to update and maintain yourself, no need to call us ever time!

Some of our Websites We’ve Designed

Have a look at some of the websites we’ve recently designed.

WordPress Website Refresh

Got a WordPress website? Just want us to refresh your website? We can do that for you.

Website SEO Turbo Boost

Want to give your website the best chance of ranking on page one of Google, organically? Let us boost up your on-page SEO and get it where it belongs!

Animation and Video

If you’d like your website to pop, we suggest a custom video and animation for the home page.

Studies show that animations and video on the home page increase the liklihood of a sales conversion by 133%!

Monthly Maintenance & Security Packages for your Website

We can also update your website content for you monthly if you don’t want to do it yourself.

We have a monthly website maintenance package where we’ll take care of that for you. For really cheap too. The website security package is something you’ll also want to look into if you want to make sure your website is water tight.

WordPress & Web Design Training

We also offer training on how to use WordPress, from basic to intermediary and advanced!

As well as training courses on website design priciples and best practice, so you can go ahead and build all the websites you like!

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