MarCom Awards 2023: Local Agency wins Prestigious Gold and Platinum Awards

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MarCom Awards 2023: Local Agency wins Prestigious Gold and Platinum Awards

Awards season never disappoints. This year, Shift ONE Digital achieved remarkable success at the MarCom 2023 Awards, winning multiple accolades in four categories. 

From spearheading Mobius Consulting’s rebrand and website redesign, to driving extraordinary e-commerce conversions for Hertex Haus, and boosting online sales for The Unlimited, our awarded projects reflect our commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the industry. 

Most importantly, these awards reflect the impactful results our work delivers for clients worldwide.   

“Awards are just confirmation from the industry that we are doing great work,” says Dylan Kohsltadt, Founder and CEO from her offices in Hannover, Germany. “Since 2011 we’ve made delivering value to our clients our key focus. Value usually means brand awareness and business growth. We know what matters to them, and that’s what we focus on.”

Securing Digital Trust through Innovative Design

In 2022, Mobius Consulting approached Shift ONE to redesign and develop its website. The global organisation (award-winners in their own right) wanted to ensure their website reflected their commitment to Securing Digital Trust, and our team collaborated with Mobius Consulting’s leaders to make this happen. 

  • The Objective: Design and build a new website that reflects the client’s new identity.  
  • The Approach: Revamping the client’s website to better reflect their new identity included a new visual identity, messaging, and a responsive, aesthetically pleasing website. 

Revolutionising E-Commerce With Clicks and Creativity

In 2019, a renowned South African fabric brand, Hertex Haus, approached Shift ONE Digital to grow its business using digital marketing. What followed was a powerful example of how well-executed paid advertising can lead to business growth. 

“We worked with Shift ONE and were able to achieve 7x growth in revenue from 2019 to 2023, and grew from 400% ROAS to 1200% ROAS in 2022.” – Hertex Haus. 

  • The Objective: Increase sales, increase traffic volumes, increase ROAS, create social proof, and scale revenue.
  • The Approach: We used a funnel strategy and rigorous product segmentation. The approach also included creating impactful creatives, integrating Shopify, leveraging email marketing, targeted sales promotions, and conversion campaigns alongside Google and Meta advertising.
  • The Results: Grew online revenue from ZAR 5,691,945 to ZAR 38,709,753 after just four years. Achieved a substantial increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Unlocking Online Sales in the Insurance Industry

The Unlimited‘s digital marketing campaign, led by Shift ONE’s digital performance marketing team, exemplifies how targeted online strategies can significantly enhance lead generation and sales

  • The Objective: Increase sales of the GAP Cover product, increase lead generation, and increase ROAS.
  • The Approach: We used a funnel strategy covering Google Search and social ads (Acquisition), push to a landing page, harvest email, cellphone, name, auto mailers, customer service calls (Conversion), debit order submitted online, post-sale, documentation, support (Sale), and calls / emails (Retention).
  • The Results: Successfully generated a high volume of qualified leads. Drove an increase in online sales for the GAP Cover product.

Educating and Engaging Audiences with our B2B Webinar Series

Shift ONE Digital launched the B2B webinar series in 2023, running eight webinars over eight months. The webinars covered a wide range of hot topics, from B2B social media marketing and digital marketing trends to artificial intelligence (AI) in B2B marketing

Dylan Kohlstadt, CEO and founder of Shift ONE, hosted the series and was joined by fellow subject-matter experts.

  • The Objective: Educate and empower B2B marketing managers while identifying prospective customers for Shift ONE.
  • The Approach: Covered highly relevant topics specific to B2B audiences that provided actionable tips and insights. A holistic marketing campaign supported this approach. 
  • The Results: Over 400 attendees, more than 50% of registrants.   

Your Success is Our Next Big Goal

A heartfelt thank you to our incredible clients, our dedicated team, and MarCom for recognising our efforts with these awards. As 2024 approaches, we know the best is yet to come. We’re committed to breaking new ground in digital marketing and continuing to deliver innovative, strategic work that fuels our clients’ success.

In the words of Dylan Kohlstadt: “Since 2011, hundreds of brands have taken their businesses to the next level with Shift ONE. Now, you can, too.”
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