Integrated Marketing



Let's Start with a Strategy...

Traditional marketing isn't redundant, it's still very much the heartbeat behind any Marketing Manager's day-to-day.

It's what drives Marketing Strategy because how can you know if you're achieving what you need to achieve without a plan and goals. Also, who is your customer and what is important to them?

Brand, Website and Customer Experience Audits

Let us help you understand what your customers think of your Brand, through Mystery Shoppingand Website Usability Testing. Our comprehensive User Experience, Brand Experience and Customer Experience research, tesitng and mapping will give you a fantasic start to growing your business in the right direction.

Graphic Design, Video and Animations

Once you understand what makes your business unique and what needs you're meeting, we can design an effective Corporate Identity and Brand Strategy for your business.

We can only start with Graphic Design once we know what appeals to your customers, and what your competitors are up to. Then we can put all of the above strategic thinking into practice with award-winning creative. Flyers, Business Cards, Banners, Logo Design, Promotional Material and all your traditional marketing elements are going to set you apart from your competitiors and make your business stand out from the rest.

Check out some of our latest work here.

Memorable Events

We also do Event Management if you're looking for events that are next level.


Is your Website Amazing, and is it on Page One of Google?

The next step is to flesh out your Digital Marketing Strategy and identify how it integrates with your marketing strategy.

The first place to start with digital marketing is your Website Design, your website is your digital businesscard and the first place that anyone turns to before making a decision on whether to work with you or not. Your website will work day and night for you through great Website Development and Design, Graphic Design and Animated Video options that will make your offering and services stand out.

Paid Online Advertising

Your awesome new website has to turn up on page one of Google (also known as Search Engine Optimisation or SEO) otherwise what's the point if you can't be found for your search terms! As this sometimes takes a while before you rank organically, we suggest taking out a few Google Paid Online Adverts. This will make sure you are found by your customers where they are searching, in Google.

We can also turbo boost your paid advertising with something very special called Neuromarketing that will take your PPC to the next level.

Build Relationships Through Social Media...

Having a unique, compelling and clear Social Media strategy is critical when entering the online and social media space.

Once the strategy is worked out, we can assist with designing Social Media Marketing content that is compelling, engaging and builds an online community of fans.

Turn Prospects into Customers with Email Marketing

Want to turn customer enquiries into sales? Then Email Marketing is the way to go. A well thought out Email Marketing strategy and monthly mailers will take your business sales through the roof. You will need to couple this with a Lead Generation Strategy if you don't have email addresses to start with.

Content Marketing Will Get you Noticed

Once we have written your compelling Thought Piece, sent to to your Email database, posted it as a Blog on your website, and sent it to Press, we will also integrate it into your monthly Social Media feed, achieving an beautiful integrated synergy of comms that is cost effective, but most importantly, effective in getting sales.

Immersive Brand Experiences through VR and AR

Virtual Reality is here, and it's the future, if you want to increase engagement, this is the way to do it!


How do you Make Everything Integrate?

It's easier for us to integrate all your channels when we manage all of them. What makes us unique and special is that you have a single Key Account Manager who looks after all your projects, and everything is done under one roof. From strategy, conceptualisation, campaigns to artwork, execution, implementation, management and optimisation.

Meet the team, give us a call and let us #GrowthHack your business today.

Recent Work

Carrick Wealth

The re-design of Carrick Wealth’s main website is a project that we are so proud to have been a part of.

We really wanted to capture the essence of their vision: integrity, transparency and professionalism.

The result was a clean, top of the range design, finished off with a bit of flair from our graphic design team.


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WOLA Mobile

WOLA Mobile run their business on this motto: “we give service a face”.

Being able to work with them to bring that message to life in the form of a beautiful, easy-to-use website was an exciting challenge for us.

WOLA Mobile’s product offering is unique and meets a real gap in the market, which made working on this project extremely rewarding.


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Janine Binneman Jewellers

What a beautiful project this was.

Janine Binneman’s designs are exquisite and locally-produced pieces of art, so she needed a website that truly showcased her talent. 

She sent us her amazing photos and we ran with the rest. The result speaks for itself.


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Shift ONE Digital Marketing SEO Social Media Web Design Agency


Our flagship website to date: TDC&Co’s website re-design showcases the very best of aesthetics, design and functionality, all wrapped into one magnificent package.

We poured our heart and soul into capturing the essence of TDC&Co, and it paid off in every way.


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Rola Motors

For over five decades the Rola Motor Group has developed a sterling reputation as the new and pre-owned vehicle trader of choice. They are passionate about providing an incredible customer experience with the sort of excellence and integrity they’ve become known for. Their website was a true reflection of all this, and they couldn’t be happier with the result.


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Greybe Fine Olive Products

Greybe believes in doing food differently, so it made sense that their website reflected how they do business: honestly, responsibly and sustainably.

The natural, organic colour palette and their stunning gallery of professionally-taken product photos really brought the Greybe brand to life. What a pleasure to build this website for them.


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PayPort SA

The Payport SA team needed a crisp, clean website to act as their shop front for their exciting products. 

After many hours collaborating to get the right look and feel, the result was a professional design, easy access to information and a very happy client.


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Shift ONE Digital Marketing SEO Social Media Web Design Agency

ZOOM Footwear

Possibly one of our most exciting web projects to date.

The Zoom team wanted an edgy, trendy and highly functional website that makes online shopping a breeze for users.

This website put our design team to the ultimate test and we (and the client) couldn’t be happier with the results.


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Shift ONE Digital Marketing SEO Social Media Web Design Agency


At Shift ONE, we achieve the digital feats we’ve become known for with the help of a steady stream of caffeine, so designing CaffeNu’s magnificent new website was a no-brainer!

This proudly South African company believes in quality that you don't have go bankrupt over, and their website needed to portray that: through gorgeous clean lines, beautiful design and clear, emotive copy.


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We are so proud to have worked with FireTribe on their magnificent new website.

We love this client's approach to life and we felt that the live videos on the home page perfectly captured the ever-moving, unbridled power of its main subject: fire.

Their spectacular images allowed us to create something absolutely amazing. You really have to see it for yourself.


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Global Link Property

Global Link Property have achieved a reputation as a provider of premium real estate solutions.

So building a website that shouted that reputation loud and clear was an exciting challenge.

With a crisp, clean layout and ultra-modern design elements, we are certain that their new website will position them as the market leaders that their customers know them to be.


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