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This Influencer Agreement will govern your participation in the Oryx Desert Salt Influencer Program. By clicking “Accept” you agree to the terms and conditions listed below.

Please be advised that you should not click and accept this agreement on behalf of an entity unless you have been authorised to bind that entity to the terms of this Agreement.

This Influencer Agreement is between you and Shift ONE Digital Marketing (marketing on behalf of Oryx Desert Salt).


Oryx Desert Salt is launching in Sainsbury’s Stores across England. You are agreeing to partner with Oryx Desert Salt to post on various social media platforms in order to create brand awareness and positive energy around the launch.

Both parties, intending to be legally bound, agree to the following:

  1. Influencer Product Gifts. Oryx Desert Salt agrees to issue a product sample to the Influencer (“you”). This gift is the 4 piece smoked and wine salt gift pack as well as an apron. We will also send you 2 smaller gifts to give away to your followers. These will be delivered to the address you have supplied us with via email. Lastly, we will supply you with an Oryx Desert Salt recipe eBook.
  2. Campaign Timelines. Oryx Desert Salt will be in Sainsbury’s stores from 14 December 2017 – 14 January 2018. Please post about Oryx Desert Salt only during the time period of 12 December 2017 – 10 January 2018.
  3. Create Original Content. Once you receive the item(s), you agree to create genuine, original content using the item in a tasteful blog and/or social media post. This should include either an original photograph or video showcasing the product.
  4. Social Media Platforms. You may chat with our team as to which social media platform you will be focusing your Influencer campaign towards as well as how many posts will be required. Once the two parties have decided which platform/s you will be posting to, please follow these guidelines:
    1. All posts need to include a motivation for your audience to purchase, or view Oryx Desert Salt at their nearest Sainsbury’s.
    2. Please include at least one image or video. Oryx Desert Salt must feature in this image or video, but styled as you wish.
    3. Please include the hashtag #OryxDesertSalt and tag @OryxDesertSalt on your social media platforms.
  1. Prohibited Activities. Oryx Desert Salt must be posted / blogged about in a positive, but truthful, light. We ask that all blog entries, Facebook posts, tweets, and/or comments be in good taste and free of inappropriate language and/or any content that promotes bigotry, racism or discrimination against an individual based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability sexual orientation or age.
  2. Email Posted Content. After you complete your agreed-upon post with your item from Oryx Desert Salt, we request that you please send a direct link to the material, and/or a screenshot(s) of your completed material to so that we may track your progress.
  3. Incomplete Activities. Should the Influencer, you, not fulfil the agreed upon participation, all gifts and product must be returned to us and you will be held liable for all delivery costs.



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