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Seven Video Editing Apps For Your Phone

Capture footage and edit it - all from your phone! ShiftOne shares seven video editing apps that will take your videos from good to great.

Did you know? Legendary filmmaker Steven Soderbergh shot his 2018, critically acclaimed horror film Unsane on an iPhone 7 Plus. That’s right - you don’t need a fancy camera to make a powerful, entertaining video. 


Whether you're a casual videographer, capturing videos for social media, or a professional video editor earning money from your videos, the video editing apps available on mobile phones can save you time and money and still deliver eye-catching results. 

A Guide To Video Editing Apps For Your Phone

Video editing apps are becoming increasingly sophisticated. This is great if you’re tech-savvy or have the time to figure them out or if you’re making a two-hour-long movie.  

But sometimes, you want a quick solution for the video you’re sharing to social media: an easy-to-navigate video editing app that still delivers an impressive result but doesn’t cost you sweat and tears in the process (or makes you swear off technology altogether). 

There’s a video editing app for your needs, no matter which scenario you relate to.   

Seven Of The Best Video Editing Apps For iPhone and Android

1. Google Photos

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2. FilmoraGo

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3. VivaVideo

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4. Inshot

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5. Kinemaster

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6. Adobe Premiere Rush

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7. iMovie

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All these tools are easy to use and free to download on your smartphone

Android phone

Google Photos

Google Photos is a free video editing app that offers simple features. It’s free, available on all devices, and is generally a default app on mobile phones.  

  • The Google Photos app allows you to adjust the appearance of your video (i.e. alter the saturation, brightness, warmth, or contrast) and apply standard filters. You can also crop, trim, and change the resolution of your video. 
Google Photos video editing app


The FilmoraGo video editing app is available on iOS and Android phones. It gives you a three-day trial before you have to pay for it (during which time you can’t export your edited videos without their watermark). 

To begin editing, you import your video into Filmora. 

  • Its features include stickers and filters, changing the frame’s shape, adding music, sound effects, and adjusting the opacity, brightness, and contrast. When you’ve finished editing your video and are ready to export it, you also have the option to change the frames per second or the resolution. 

Another advantage of the FilmoraGo video editing app is that it’s easy to navigate. The free plan also offers an impressive selection of presets and stickers.   

FilmoraGo video editing app


InShot is a popular video editing app specifically for creating social media video content. Its paid plan costs R64.99 a month, or R209.99 a year, or there’s a one-time purchase of R579.99. It also has a free plan and is available on iOS and Android. 

  • With InShot, you can select video dimensions specifically for different social media platforms - from YouTube to Facebook to TikTok. You can also add music, stickers, and text to your video and play around with the zoom function. 

A fun feature of InShot is its range of backgrounds. These are ideal for Instagram or TikTok videos, where a different pattern or coloured background will make your video stand out. 

InShot video editing app


VivaVideo is a user-friendly video editing app available on Android and iOS phones. It’s ideal for social media content and offers a free trial before the paid plan kicks in. 

  • VivaVideo’s most impressive feature is its video templates. You import photos from your gallery, then select the VivaVideo template you like. VivaVideo then incorporates your photos into the template to create a short video/animation, which you can then share directly to social media: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more.  


The templates come in a variety of effects and themes. From generic “Love” and “Birthday” to “Squid Dance”, “Mobile Artboard”, and “Anime”, there’s something for every aesthetic and mood. 

VivaVideo video editing app

What Is Kinemaster?

The Kinemaster video editing app is available on iOS and Android and is free if you don’t mind a watermark and limited features. Otherwise, the subscription is R69.99 per month or R399.99 per year. 

  • This video editing app isn’t easy to navigate, at least at first. Its video editing functions are also limited unless you purchase the premium version. 

However, Kinemaster’s features might be worth the cost. The selection of stickers, music (in every genre!), frames, and effects is overwhelming.  

The paid plan also gives you access to a massive library of images and videos you can incorporate into your video. 

Kinemaster video editing app

What Is Adobe Premiere Rush? 

The Adobe Premiere Rush video editing app is available on Android, iOS, and desktop. This tool offers various pricing plans, including a free starter plan that is unfortunately limited to three exports. A single app subscription is $9,99 per month or $52,99 per month with a Creative Cloud subscription.


  • The Adobe Premiere Rush app allows you to play with multiple transitional effects, add graphics, music, or voice over to the video, and include overlays and title cards (for example, a “Subscribe to my channel” call to action at the end of your video).


If you do decide to opt for this advanced video editing tool, be aware that its options are limited unless you purpose the paid plan. 

Adobe Premiere Rush video editing app

What Is iMovie?

Apple’s iMovie video editor is one of the best (and completely free!) video editing apps for Apple users, and that’s why we saved it for last. iMovie will bring out the filmmaker in you - it’s perfect for making mini-movies and trailers.  


  • With a ridiculously clean and user-friendly user interface, iMovie is a joy to use. You have the option to add filters and themes to the photos and videos you import into your project, and these filters and themes range from Vintage, Western, and Silent Era to Travel, Neon, and Travel.


There are also different backgrounds available (solid colours, patterns, or gradients). If you want a specific soundtrack or sound effects for your video, iMovie has a huge selection organised according to mood and theme. You can even record voiceovers in the app.   


iMovie video editing app

Take Your Videos To The Next Level

Great video editing can help make a great video. And great videos show a story. It doesn’t matter if you’re using fancy stickers or transitions or bold, colourful text, or if you’re seeking to educate or entertain your audience - what matters is the emotional response you evoke from your audience. That only happens through a story. 

Let’s take your video production to the next level together! Contact ShiftOne for more information.

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