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Buy Google Cardboard South Africa

The VR X-1 Virtual Reality Viewer is Now Made in RSA


Virtual Reality is here, it's a reality. Augmented reality is here too!

If you are interested in how virtual reality can fit into your marketing strategy , book a discussion with us. One of our experts in the field will assist you to achieve your goals in a unique, exciting and memorable way.

Google Cardboard allows you to dip your toe into the big pond of virtual reality. Just download the Google Cardboard app  ( and Google Spotlight Stories are both great options) on the Play or iPhone App stores, slide your mobile phone into the viewer, and then experience the magic of virtual reality.

Check out this video of the unfolding of the Google Cardboard VR-X1:


Google Cardboard allows your customers to connect with your business like never before. Create a 360˚ video  of your offices or an interactive virtual tour of your website, show off an event or take someone through a virtual tour of your venue or space.

Think VR is too expensive and only for the elite? Think again. With a Google Cardboard VR viewer, you can immerse yourself in virtual reality right now at a super affordable cost. Made from durable, laminated cardboard, the VR-X1 offers real value for money with a longer lasting, easy-to-clean option.


Get your Google Cardboard viewer and take your business to the future, today.


Buy Google Cardboard VR Viewers in South Africa


If you want your very own Google Cardboard viewer, we have four different options for you to choose from, all with free delivery nationwide.

Blank White Google Cardboard Viewer: R200

These viewers are plain with no printing, branding or stickers. They are great to keep in stock for upcoming events that require customised branding, to offer your clients as a blank canvas for their marketing or for use at home.

These plain white viewers are made of the same high quality, robust cardboard that you expect from a Google Cardboard Viewer and will withstand repeated use without losing structural integrity or functionality.


VR Headsets

Buy Google Cardboard South Africa

VR-X1 Google Cardboard Viewer: R250

These viewers have the VR-X1 branding printed onto the cardboard. The black and titanium design transforms the cardboard into a viewer that looks high-tech and stylised.

The VR-X1 branded viewer is great for campaigns that require no specific branding but need something extra to support the values and purpose of your marketing campaign.


This viewer is made from more industrial cardboard, able to accompany you or your customer on any journey. It's also perfect for home use, more durable and less likely to show wear and tear than a plain white one.

Custom Full Print Google Cardboard Viewer: R200

Your branding, logo and messaging is printed directly onto the premium quality cardboard viewer. Send us your specified design and your full colour print will be displayed on the viewer.


This is a great way to reinforce your brand, optimise user experience and show your commitment to innovation and quality.


Buy Google Cardboard South Africa

Buy Google Cardboard South Africa

Vinyl Sticker Google Cardboard Viewer: R250

Your branding, artwork and messaging is applied to the viewer with a high quality, full colour gloss vinyl sticker. This transforms it into a branded asset or marketing touch point for your campaign


The benefit here is that you can have up to three different front panel design options per 10 stickers and the turnaround time for print is only one week.



Order Your Google Cardboard VR Viewer

Embrace the future. Let your customers experience your business like never before, no matter where they are!

Send us an email to get your hands on your very own, branded Google Cardboard VR Viewer for your mobile phone today.

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