Freebie Fridays in Johannesburg AND Cape Town in April

You guys and gals are loving our free courses so much, we’ve decided to run another one – in Cape Town and Johannesburg

It’ll be in April, but this time we’re doubling it up, so you may actually have to resign this time! A morning session, and an afternoon session, and then home to numb what brain cells survive.

Date and Time:

Classes will be run Friday morning, from 10am to 12pm, and Friday afternoon, from 12:30 to 14:30.

Friday 10th April 2015

Friday 24th April 2015


Cape Town
The Barn
Block B, 3rd Floor
Woodstock Industrial Centre (Woodstock Exchange)
66-68 Albert Road

Bikers’ Church
126 Kruger Road


Nothing, Nada, Zero-Zip!

Friday Morning 10th April 2015 – Digital Marketing Overview

The first Friday will be a general overview and will touch on the three main topics to be covered over the following month, namely Social Media Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and Website Design.

If you can only spare one day for this course, and you’re not sure which aspect needs attention, do yourself a favour and attend day one. You’ll get a solid background on all aspects of Digital Marketing and you’ll be better equipped to tackle your overall marketing strategy.

Friday Afternoon 10th April 2015 – Introduction Social Media Marketing

Social media is quite possibly the most important part of your marketing strategy. Teenagers who can’t even spell so good get it, that’s why they have more followers on Twitter than you do.

We’ve all seen that bunch of kids sitting in a group like a flock of brain-dead sheep staring at their phones ignoring each other. Guess what? They’re networking, and doing it a darned sight better than you are in all likelihood.

We’ll teach you how to get active on social media, and not look stupid dong it.

Friday Morning 24th April 2015 – Introduction SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimisation is that little thing Google invented to make their job easier and ours a whole lot more difficult.

In a nutshell, Google decides where to rank your page when somebody searches for something that you want them to find, and if you haven’t ticked all the boxes, nobody is ever going to find you. Page 26 is a very, very bad place to find yourself.

This session will help to clarify and simplify the tangled web that is SEO.

Friday Afternoon 24th April 2015 – Introduction to Effective Website Design

It’s no good paying top dollar for a website if you as the client have no idea what a good website is.

Does your website have a beard, wear skinny jeans with no socks & veldskoens, and look like your treasured vinyl copy of Mumford & Son’s “Little Lion Man” album ‘coz you’re all hipster and cool? Google doesn’t care as long as your SEO is in order, but your potential clients almost certainly do.

Ranking on page one with outstanding SEO is worthless if your website drives people away because it hurts their eyes, or confuses them.

We know all the tricks of the trade, and we’ll show you a few of them to help you understand what makes some websites explode while others fall flat.

Ja, but I Reckon I’m Okay, Okes.

You built your website in the 90’s using Microsoft Access, before Google even existed, and you’re pretty darned proud of yourself by the way, because you figured it all out on your own, and anyways who does Google think they are?

Just because your initial foray into the interweb was successful, doesn’t mean you don’t have to stay on top of it. Times change, trends change, and most of all, Google changes its mind – a lot! Unless you’re in the industry, at some point you’re going to need to refresh, and this is the perfect opportunity because it’s free!

Now is not the time for foolish nonsense. Just book your seat and learn free stuff. It’s really not that difficult a concept.


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