More Freebie Friday’s in April

Shift ONE is proud to announce More Freebie Friday’s in April Digital Marketing Refresher Course!

Considering the success and overwhelming response that we had to the last course we ran in February, we’ve decided to run another one, and it still won’t cost you a cent!

And it’s in Jo’Burg this time, so now we can spread the Cape Town cheer to you lucky folks north of the mountains for a change.

Date and Time:

Classes will be run on the following Fridays from 10am to 12pm, & 12:30 to 14:30.

Friday 10th April 2015

Friday 24th  April 2015


Biker’s Church Midrand


Absolutely nothing! Not even a booking fee so please turn up if you say you will!

Course #1 – Friday 10th April 2015

Morning Session – Digital Marketing Overview

The session will be a general overview and will touch on the three main topics to be covered over the course, namely Social Media Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and Website Design.

If you can only spare one day for this course, and you’re not sure which aspect needs attention, do yourself a favour and attend this session.

You’ll get a solid background on all aspects of Digital Marketing and you’ll be better equipped to tackle your overall marketing.

Afternoon Session – Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Most of us are active on social media, but we are often not aware just how vital it is to your business and your eventual success.

If your social media activity is limited to sharing other people’s posts on Facebook and stalking your ex, you may want to attend this.

Social media platforms are your virtual salespeople, and they never go to sleep or steal from the till. If your business needs that extra boost, or you just can’t seem to get off the ground, then this is a course you need to attend.

Course #2 – Friday 24th April 2015

Morning Session – Introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Google is the King of the Internet. Nobody knows quite how they managed it, but if you want to be successful online, you gotta keep Google happy. And to do this, you have to work on obtaining and retaining good SEO.

It is both far simpler, and much more complicated than it may seem at first. We will show you in a very brief but insightful manner how to optimise your website so that instead of ranking on page 17 on a Google search, it is within your power to be on page one. And if you’re on page one, you WILL  be successful!

Afternoon Session – Introduction to Effective Website Design

Good website design is more than just pretty pictures, catchy phrases and good SEO. Your website is your shopfront, and you want people to do more than just stare through the window as they walk past. A badly designed website will chase potential customers away quicker than you can say ‘mybusinessisfailingandidontknowwhy.’

This day of the course will cover the visual, mental, and statistical aspects of web design. Did you know that people don’t actually read what you’ve written, but that Google demands text? We’ll show you how to catch the attention of both in a simple and easy to understand approach that will open your eyes to good web design.

No Thanks, I’m Fine, I have other things to Do.

Okay, so your sales are good, and you’ll pay off your 5-year-old Beemer in the next 9 months, and your dream house is only 7 years away, but nobody is managing your social media or keeping you SEO up to date, but that’s OK because you don’t have a Facebook account yourself, and only losers go there anyways, and you pay random guys once a month to hand out flyers next to the robots at Edenvale and that seems to work just fine.

Have you got rocks in your head?

The course is FREE! And it’s on a Friday!

If you don’t have a digital marketing background, then this course will change your life! The mysteries of online marketing will be opened up to you, and never again will you have to look at your marketing expert/web designer with that glazed expression and say, ‘OK, how much?’ as you pull out your wallet.


Contact Kelly at for booking details and prices (just joking!), or call her on +27 21 879 5585.

Or Book Here.

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