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Target Market Table Template

So you have a great service or product to sell but you’re not sure of how to get the word out?

The starting point will be for you to have a Marketing Strategy in place, it's only with an effective Marketing Strategy in place that the target market table makes any sense. So take the time to fill out your marketing strategy before you do any marketing - it's probably a few hours of work that will save you time in the long run!

Before you start advertising your product or service, it is important to do an analysis and a breakdown on who your target market is.

Your customers should be centric to ALL that you do!

This target market table template becomes your blueprint and your roadmap for all your marketing activities.

Elements for a Great Target Market Table

The critical elements needed for a powerful target market table are:

  • Decide who your top 2-3 target markets are
    • You might want to break up and order these target markets by:
      • Most profitable
      • Biggest
      • Biggest Growth Opportunity
      • Etc
  • Decide which market is your focus market and put them first
  • Describe each target market in detail, go into detail, what is their job title, what is their geographic distribution, what age and gender are they?
  • Decide what their needs are - not your needs of them (I need them to buy from me) but their needs (I need to run a successful business)
  • Then you can add in which of your products or services they are interested in
  • And add in messaging - what will you say to them based on their needs
  • Then finally, which channels will you use to reach your target market
    • Break this into traditional marketing channels and digital marketing channels
    • This isn’t the channels you like using or are comfortable with, these are the channels they use
    • This becomes the basis for your entire marketing strategy
  • You can add in columns for:
    • Articles - article ideas
    • Influencers - who influences them?
    • Email marketing - frequency
    • Etc
  • Now you can go further and add in the months - Jan to December detailing what you will do for each target market each month.

The more research that goes into your table, the better it will be.

Print it out, stick it on your wall! If you follow your target market table, and fill it out covering all details, you will have a full, easy-to-use template for your marketing!

Click below to download your Target Market Table Template!

Now you will never neglect a market segment ever again!


With over 25 years of marketing experience, Dylan Kohlstadt, CEO and founder of Shift ONE Digital and the Digital Marketing Academy has created her very own tried and tested template to share.

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