Email marketing is a tough nut to crack. It is vital, as so many people are connected to their email all day, but can backfire easily and be marked as spam. We're here to help you walk this tight rope.


It's a science

It's not just a matter of designing an email and sending it out. If you don’t approach email marketing from the right angle and plan it properly, your email campaign will just become more SPAM to clutter up inboxes.


Email Marketing can work, if it's done properly

"People don't have time to read lots of text. Draw them in with  a headline and hit them with relevant information straight away."

Dylan Kohlstädt,

Marketing Director

Common mistakes with Email Marketing

How do I set up an email campaign that will get results?

    1. Select your data carefully. Pull small segments of data at a time, until you've done your data mining and know which segments you want to target.
    2. Personalise. Create a customised message for each segment based on what their needs are. Use their first name in the subject, the intro and at the end.
    3. Craft your subject line: The best way of doing this is by using AB testing to see which type of headings your customer's respond to best.
    4. Craft your body copy: Remember that people don't read, so make sure you include headings, and a PS under your signature, and keep it benefits-led.
    5. Design your creative artwork carefully: Overdesigned mailers lead to banner blindness. Keep it clean and simple for a better response. And make sure the eye of the reader flows from your heading to the salient points and ends with your clear call to action.
    6. Code your mailer: Remember that most people have images turned off in their outlook at work. If you don't have substitute text that will appear if images are off, then your customers will see tables with no text and no pretty picture. Test it and test it again.
    7. AB testing: Divide your list into two and send one segment something slightly different. Remember to only change ONE element at a time, else you won't know what worked!
    8. Call to action; Some people respond to buttons and some to links. Make sure you have both options available and have the correct wording to generate the highest response (AB Testing).

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