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Are you looking for the leading digital marketing recruitment agency in South Africa? Then look no further than Shift ONE digital marketing recruitment.

Shift ONE digital is a leading B2B digital marketing agency, servicing clients looking to expand into Africa and the world.

As a leading digital marketing agency, we are able to service your digital marketing recruitment needs better than any other recruitment-only agency because we know digital marketing! We live it every day, so let us find you the candidates you need, because we know what to look for when it comes to each role you need to recruit.


At Shift ONE digital marketing recruitment agency, we can source top candidates for you in the following roles:

  • Digital Marketing Manager Recruitment
  • Campaign Manager Recruitment
  • Social Media Manager Recruitment
  • Account Manager Recruitment
  • Digital Copywriter Recruitment
  • Paid Media Ads Manager Recruitment
  • SEO Recruitment
  • Digital Designer Recruitment
  • Social Media Designer Recruitment
  • Graphic Designer Recruitment
  • Videographer Recruitment
  • Video Editor Recruitment
  • Recruitment of any Digital Marketing Role you Require

Big Data in digital marketing

"It's not enough to just do great work, as employers it's our responsibility to develop great people." -Dylan Kohlstadt, Shift ONE


The team at Shift ONE Digital Marketing Recruitment strives to achieve greatness by recruiting the best Digital Marketing talent in the industry as the digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and businesses are always in need of top talent to stay ahead of the curve.

Your business is unique and finding the right people for you is our responsibility. That's why we'll get to know your team, and understand their needs in order to find a good match.




  • Digital Marketing Analyst Recruitment

Shift ONE Digital Marketing Recruitment is able to assist with the recruitment of Digital Marketing Analysts who are in charge of developing and implementing digital marketing strategies that achieve your various goals. The digital marketing analyst is a jack of all trades when it comes to digital marketing and knows the pros and cons for each digital marketing channel.


Market Research Analysts are responsible for wringing every last drop of information from a survey or interview and turning data into something that will help their company make better business decisions.


  • Market Research Assistant Recruitment

Market Research Assistants are the backbone of any company's marketing research department. They process data, organize it in an understandable format and present findings to senior leaders so they can make informed decisions.


  • Marketing Analyst Recruitment

The Marketing Analyst is responsible for creating, analyzing and reporting on marketing data. The person in this role should have a strong understanding of campaign tracking as they are often required to analyze large volumes of information.


  • Marketing Data Analyst Recruitment

The Marketing Data Analyst monitors and analyses large amounts of marketing data to measure the success, performance characteristics (such as conversion rates), and trends in behavior based on online actions.

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What Are The Benefits of Using Shift ONE Digital Marketing Recruitment Agency, South Africa?

Why choose Shift ONE digital, your digital marketing recruitment agency for South Africa:

  • We know Digital Marketing!
    We are a leading B2B and B2C digital marketing agency, we know how to recruit and recognise great people because we are constantly looking for them ourselves! We know what goes into being, for example, a great SEO, nobody can pull the wool over our eyes
  • Our rates are lower
    We hate being ripped off by exorbitant rates charged by traditional digital marketing recruitment agencies in South Africa, so we offer some of the lowest recruitment rates in the business.
  • Our service is better
    We find the candidates, we interview them can even test them to evaluate their levels with certificated results (for a bit extra fee but a lot extra peace of mind), send you candidate summaries, arrange interviews, send offer letters, whatever you need us to do, we are there to support your recruitment process.
  • We guarantee our candidates
    If you're not happy with the candidate and let them go, or they leave within 3 months, we will find you another candidate at no extra charge.


Featured roles in Brand Management we can Recruit for:


  • Assistant Brand Manager Recruitment

The Assistant Brand Manager is charged with managing all aspects of in-house marketing communications, from social media and web design to email campaigns.


  • Assistant Product Manager Recruitment

Assistant Product Manager positions offer the opportunity to work on cutting-edge products, they should have an understanding of FMCG marketing or product lifecycle development.


  • Associate Brand Manager Recruitment

The Assistant Brand Manager keeps an eye on the bigger picture around a brand, managing day-to-day operational tasks to make sure everything runs smoothly.


  • Brand Assistant Recruitment

The Brand Assistant is in charge of making sure the company's brand stays on point, and ensuring that all social media posts and marketing activities reflect what consumers expect from a product or service.


  • Brand Manager Recruitment

A Brand Manager is responsible for managing the brand voice, tone of voice and messaging. They are an integral member of the team and responsible for creating consistent branding that resonates with customers.


  • Brand Strategist Recruitment

The Brand Strategist is an in-house expert who helps brands to reach their full potential through strategy, marketing and communications.


  • Senior Product Manager Recruitment

The Senior Product Manager will be responsible for identifying product requirements, conducting market research to develop and validate products as well providing technical support.


  • Product Manager Recruitment

The Product Manager is responsible for managing the entire product life cycle, from creation through launch and beyond. They are in charge of making sure that all products meet company standards with their branding intact.


  • Product Marketing Manager Recruitment

The Product Marketing Manager is responsible for communicating the value and benefits of a company's products to potential customers, they need to know how to promote the product or service in a way that drives results.

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We at Shift ONE Digital Marketing Recruitment will make sure you get the best content marketers, social media marketers, digital marketers, and digital copywriters who will become the heart of your digital marketing department.

Featured roles in your Digital Marketing Department 


They are responsible for creating, maintaining and updating all of the company's online material--from blogs to web pages or social media channels.


  • Content Writer Recruitment

A Content Writer is an individual who can create and develop engaging blog posts, stories or articles that are perfect for the digital age.


  • Digital Brand Manager Recruitment

The Digital Brand Manager is a person who can take ideas from conception to completion. They are responsible for digital marketing and advertising, which means they come up with strategies on how best use social media platforms as well other channels in creating a unique strategy for each product and service


  • Digital Marketing Manager Recruitment

A Digital Marketing Manager's Role is to identify the company's target audience and create a strategy that will reach them online. They are responsible for making sure there is a clear strategy in place, that it is unique for each audience and that the products and services are well represented.


A Digital Marketing Director's Role is to create a broader strategy, develop the team, and drive stakeholder and shareholder value through marketing ROI.


  • Internet Marketing Coordinator Recruitment

The Internet Marketing Coordinator supports the marketing department by managing digital marketing campaigns, including search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques like keyword research, content development including blogging or social media promotion and advertising networks plus any marketing admin and reporting that is needed.


  • Digital Marketing Specialist Recruitment

A Digital Marketing Specialist is someone who can help you make your business more visible on the web. They are experts at captivating people with their knowlege of audiences, and channels, often through cleverly planned strategies that work for every industry type.


  • SEO Manager Recruitment

SEO Manager is a person in charge of a team of SEO specialists who optimise your website for search engines. They work closely with you, providing the expertise needed to make sure that Google can easily find and index any content on-page or off page.


A social media marketer is the key to unlocking insights and understanding of your company's business. They analyse social media data from all social channels, looking for insights.


  • Social Media Marketing Coordinator Recruitment

Social Media Marketing Coordinator make sure that your company is present on all of the most popular social media sites. They are responsible for creating content to share with followers, managing pages and posts in real time as well monitoring analytics so you know what's working best. They also handle community management.


  • Social Media Manager Recruitment


The Social Media Manager is a key position in the company. They are responsible for all social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Stories updates or Twitter posts that captivate target audiences when online.


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