Customer Persona Marketing

You have a product or service that meets a need, and all you want to do is tell people about it. But sometimes it feels like you’re throwing Monopoly money at your Facebook PPC or Google Adwords campaign, and you’re just not getting conversions.

It’s probably time to stop spraying and praying, and to start optimising your campaign for conversions.

What is a Customer Persona?

It is a user-centred fictitious character designed to represent a specific customer segment. It could be Mary the stay-at-home mom who is worried about meeting the grocery budget, or Amy the power exec who is worried about meeting her goals and targets. Whoever it is, your target market needs a face and a voice.

Customer Personas Optimise Conversions

Once you know who your customer is, your brand message, your tone, your content strategy and marketing strategy will better deliver a message that is more relevant to them, and will keep you away from messaging that is all about you.

Persona-focused marketing triggers the desired emotional response from your audience that will inspire them to engage with your brand, and convert visitors into customers.


Does it feel like your customer is mute?

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