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The Threat is Real: AI vs Digital Marketing Agencies

Introduction ChatGPT nearly broke the internet when it was launched in November 2022, with marketers, agencies, writers and dating-app users around the…

23 Jan 2023

Social Media Trends For 2023

Predicting the future of social media marketing is always fun. The sector is changing almost every day, with new utilities and tools…

10 Jan 2023

Top 11 B2B Marketing Tools that Grew my Business in 11 years

With over 30 more B2B marketing tools mentioned to take your marketing to the next level in 2023. Last year I wrote…

08 Nov 2022

Why Digital Marketing is Like Game of Thrones

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones you’ll appreciate the level of hard work that went into writing those books. So far, George RR Martin…

20 May 2019

Three Digital Marketing Trends to Update in 2018

Digital marketing is constantly changing and I know you know that you have to keep up with these trends; it’s just a…

02 Mar 2018

5 People Who Should Never Graphic Design Anything

This article builds on the popular post, Five People Who Should Never Design Your Website which I wrote shortly after starting Shift…

31 Aug 2017

Freebie Fridays in Johannesburg AND Cape Town in April

You guys and gals are loving our free courses so much, we’ve decided to run another one – in Cape Town and…

01 Apr 2015

Innovation: Why is it so Hard for Big Corporates to Innovate?

A lot of big companies run low on innovation despite the fact that it’s talked about at every staff meeting and CEO…

15 Dec 2014

Has Entrepreneur’s Disease Got You?

Many entrepreneurs suffer from ‘Entrepreneur’s Disease’ or ‘Founder’s Disease’, the inability to let go any aspect of your business, for fear of…

15 Dec 2014