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Content Layering in Social Media

By Dylan Kohlstädt   So you’re active on social media, hooray. Welcome to the club of people trying to work this new, crazy space out. In my recent, popular blog, Why your Social Media Sucks: The Five Layers of Social Media, I covered how you can go from “me too” social media to “next level”…

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5 Social Media Mishaps That Could Get You Fired

This is not a drill, people. Your boss and your customers are keeping an eye on every tweet, like and hashtag you post on social media. Before you panic and decide to purge yourself of all your social platforms and become a hermit, keep reading.  Here are 5 Social Media Mishaps you should avoid at…

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4 Ways to Use WhatsApp in your Business including Do’s and Don’ts

WhatsApp threatens the existence of cellular service providers, you know that, right? Why pay for phone calls when you can call over Wi-Fi or use ever-cheapening data? Except there’s still nothing more annoying that receiving a WhatsApp phone call. When I see an incoming WhatsApp call, I am immediately annoyed. So, there are still miles…

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WhatsApp Status Takes the Instant Messaging World by Storm

WhatsApp Status, a new WhatsApp feature similar to SnapChat, has now enabled users to post videos, photos or GIF’s for their contacts to see instead of a simple text status. This feature went live on Android and IOS smartphones across the globe on 24th February. What’s new? No longer will users have to update their…

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More Freebie Friday’s in April

Shift ONE Digital Marketing SEO Social Media Web Design Agency

Shift ONE is proud to announce More Freebie Friday’s in April Digital Marketing Refresher Course! Considering the success and overwhelming response that we had to the last course we ran in February, we’ve decided to run another one, and it still won’t cost you a cent! And it’s in Jo’Burg this time, so now we…

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