Lockdown Live: Web Design Tips and Front Page Layout steps

Why Is Web Design Important? Nowadays your website is the first and most important thing, have a look below at our 10 web design tips for success. Most often it’s the first major touchpoint in your customer journey. Before engaging with you people will probably check out your website first. To showcase your business on…

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Lockdown Live: 7 Ways To Navigate Your LinkedIn Account

1. Profile Your Audience Before we take you through the 7 different ways to navigate your LinkedIn account, take some time to identify the different customer layers. Your business model will also play a role in the process. Let’s say for this example, you have a B2B Decking company.  Your customers that you are going…

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#Lockdown Live: Guide to customer journey mapping

Web design tips

Customer journey mapping is about crafting an intentional journey for your customers and includes every interaction and touchpoint that they have with you whether it is digital or in person. It is very important as it allows you to better understand your customer, and also gives you insights on how to improve your customer’s experience,…

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