#ThankYouLockdown: Lessons Learnt During Lockdown

Working from home during lockdown has taught me so much.

I have a few thoughts on lockdown that I wanted to share.  Lockdown and COVID-19 have wrought havoc on global economies and businesses of every size…and, while I didn’t love losing a large portion of our clientele, I have come to recognize and even love the lessons that lockdown has left me, if you’ll bear…

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Dynamic Strategy: How to plan for the unpredictable

As a result of the COVID-19 virus, businesses around the globe have been caught unawares and have been significantly impacted, scrambling for solutions belatedly. This serves to highlight the importance of having a robust and dynamic strategy in place to manage your business during times of unexpected uncertainty and crises.  A sound and dynamic business…

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Future Proof your Business by going Digital

6 Ways to Maintain your Business during COVID-19 The Covid-19 virus has been declared a national disaster, resulting in strict quarantines and safety precautions being implemented locally and around the world. This has put a strain on many businesses, of all sizes, and many believe that the worst is yet to come.  Neil Patel, in…

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Why Digital Marketing is Like Game of Thrones

Digital Marketing

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones you’ll appreciate the level of hard work that went into writing those books. So far, George RR Martin (GRRM) has enthralled the world with his vivid imagination, the detailed history of the Seven Kingdoms, and especially the gut-wrenching tragedies behind the characters. Game of Thrones has everything from dragon-riding fire queens,…

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Marketing Fragmentation:
A cross-device world

Guest blogger, Ellen De Matos Silva, Founder of Digital Blue Ocean, shares her thoughts on fragmentation in marketing and how online users are becoming increasingly comfortable with a cross-device messaging world. Online users live a multi-device ‘noisy’ world due to a multitude of devices that travel across an assortment of digital media channels. The world…

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What does the Facebook algorithm update mean for your business?

Facebook: the place of fake news, soul-searching status updates, hours of cat videos and picturesque family portraits. Not to mention the millions of glamorous, statuesque selfie poses. Gone are the days when Facebook was used as a way to simply connect with overseas relatives or ‘long lost’ high school buddies. Facebook has not only become…

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Three Digital Marketing Trends to Update in 2018

Digital marketing is constantly changing and I know you know that you have to keep up with these trends; it’s just a matter of having the time to do anything about them, right? When are you adopting your (IoT) Internet of Things strategy? Or implementing Virtual Reality into your strategy? For most businesses, these digital…

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WhatsApp Launches Business App for SME’s

Entrepreneurs, WhatsApp is about to help you up your business game. WhatsApp has officially launched their new Business App in select markets overseas and we cannot wait for it to reach South African shores.  As the fastest growing communication tool in the world, the app’s use has gone far beyond simply chatting with your friends.…

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Instagram Stories are now accessible from the web

Instagram Stories has become an integral part of the Instagram experience. Inspired by Snapchat, ‘Stories’ is used by over 250 million people every day. Instagram announced that from 31st August you can view stories from your desktop. How to view Instagram Stories from your desktop You can view Instagram stories the same way you would…

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