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What is the best CRM for your SME ?

Finding a great product or service can really make all the difference to your business. It’s vital that you choose something that…

26 Apr 2023

Business Owner: Three Skills You Can’t Fake

By Dylan KohlstadtAs entrepreneurs and business owners, we have to wear many hats: CEO, rain-maker, negotiator, tenant, employer, supplier, and the list…

10 Dec 2021

#Lockdown Live: How to Build a Personal Brand in 2021.

Lockdown Live: How to Build a Personal Brand in 2021 Personal branding matters because YOU should be the face of your brand….

19 Jan 2021

Free Downloadable: Your Personal Brand Workbook

It may sound corny but it’s true – you are unique. Each one of us also has something to share with others;…

30 Apr 2020

Next Level Social Media: The 5 C’s of Effective Community Marketing

  Social media’s role has become distorted with many brands forgetting that social media is there to create a community and a…

20 Apr 2020

Free Downloadable: Target Market Template

Target Market Table Template So you have a great service or product to sell but you’re not sure of how to get…

16 Apr 2020

[2020] The Paradox of Generosity during a Pandemic: How Generosity can have an impact on you and those around you

        With lockdowns due to COVID-19 imminent and in place both nationally and globally, there has never been a…

27 Mar 2020

Future Proof your Business by going Digital

6 Ways to Maintain your Business during COVID-19 The Covid-19 virus has been declared a national disaster, resulting in strict quarantines and…

18 Mar 2020

NOT Another 2019 Top Digital Trends Blog

There are a lot of articles on digital trends already written for this year, so let me start by telling you what…

01 Feb 2019

CEOs: How Using Video Can Help you Motivate and Inspire your Staff

Do you remember the names of all your staff? Do you even recognise them as you walk past them in the corridors?…

04 Jul 2018