How to edit a video on your phone

Seven Video Editing Apps For Your Phone Capture footage and edit it – all from your phone! ShiftOne shares seven video editing apps that will take your videos from good to great. Did you know? Legendary filmmaker Steven Soderbergh shot his 2018, critically acclaimed horror film Unsane on an iPhone 7 Plus. That’s right -…

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10 Simple Steps to Writing an Effective Press Release

Some of us have heard the phrase “press release,” but we are not sure what it really means.   What is a Press Release? A press release is an official statement sent to members of the news media with the goal of presenting information, making an official remark, or making a public announcement. Press releases…

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#Lockdown Live: Guide to customer journey mapping

Web design tips

Customer journey mapping is about crafting an intentional journey for your customers and includes every interaction and touchpoint that they have with you whether it is digital or in person. It is very important as it allows you to better understand your customer, and also gives you insights on how to improve your customer’s experience,…

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#Lockdown Live: How to Build a Personal Brand in 2021.

Personal Branding

Lockdown Live: How to Build a Personal Brand in 2021 Personal branding matters because YOU should be the face of your brand. Why? Because people buy from people. People look for people they can trust and recommend to others, which should put your personal brand at the top of your priority list.    Let me…

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10 Marketing Tools that Will Help Grow Your Business in 2020

Social Media

Marketing and technology work together concurrently as they are both constants and everchanging. Businesses are therefore expected to adjust their marketing strategies to keep up with new developments in technology and society. Change is happening all the time. Digital marketing tools allow technology to keep content current and correct. Using digital marketing tools increase growth…

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