Lockdown Live: How to Write Blogs For High SEO Ranking

Are you struggling to get your blogs to rank in Google’s algorithm? Writing a  search engine optimised (SEO) blog for Google is a daunting task for many, and various elements require careful consideration. While there is no set formula for success, a few SEO factors will significantly increase the chances of ranking in Google with…

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10 Marketing Tools that Will Help Grow Your Business in 2020

Social Media

Marketing and technology work together concurrently as they are both constants and everchanging. Businesses are therefore expected to adjust their marketing strategies to keep up with new developments in technology and society. Change is happening all the time. Digital marketing tools allow technology to keep content current and correct. Using digital marketing tools increase growth…

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Building a Website? These Three Tips Could Save You Money

Shift ONE Digital Marketing SEO Social Media

So you’ve started your business and things are going swell. All you need is a rocking website and the customers will start pouring in, right? Right! If you’ve started building your own website or have found a great web developer, you’ll know that creating a website is a skill-driven process that takes some serious know-how…

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Dynamic Strategy: How to plan for the unpredictable

Dynamic Strategy

As a result of the COVID-19 virus, businesses around the globe have been caught unawares and have been significantly impacted, scrambling for solutions belatedly. This serves to highlight the importance of having a robust and dynamic strategy in place to manage your business during times of unexpected uncertainty and crises.  A sound and dynamic business…

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Free Downloadable: Target Market Template

Target Market Table Template So you have a great service or product to sell but you’re not sure of how to get the word out? The starting point will be for you to have a Marketing Strategy in place, it’s only with an effective Marketing Strategy in place that the target market table makes any…

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Future Proof your Business by going Digital

6 Ways to Maintain your Business during COVID-19 The Covid-19 virus has been declared a national disaster, resulting in strict quarantines and safety precautions being implemented locally and around the world. This has put a strain on many businesses, of all sizes, and many believe that the worst is yet to come. Neil Patel, in…

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Why Dum-Dums Shouldn’t Do Your SEO

Last year we wrote a blog on how to rank in Google, which included some easy steps for DIY SEO. Despite the availability of free resources, we find that many people still feel intimidated by SEO, and are either too nervous to do it themselves or don’t want to spend money towards an expert doing…

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