4 Ways to Use WhatsApp in your Business including Do’s and Don’ts

WhatsApp threatens the existence of cellular service providers, you know that, right? Why pay for phone calls when you can call over Wi-Fi or use ever-cheapening data? Except there’s still nothing more annoying that receiving a WhatsApp phone call. When I see an incoming WhatsApp call, I am immediately annoyed. So, there are still miles…

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Shift ONE a Winner in the NSBC South African Small Business Awards

NSBC Small business awards

BREAKING NEWS: Shift ONE was selected as a top 20 finalist in the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) Awards for 2016, out of over 6,200 entrants. Top Entrepreneurs Nationwide The National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) announced South Africa’s Top 20 Small Business & Entrepreneurship Award winners and the finalists of the 2016 South African Small…

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Three Things You Have To Let Go Of Before They Kill You

Are you an entrepreneur like me? You need to sit up and take note if this. Your schedule is probably jam-packed, but stop for a minute, breathe, look up at the sky (or the ceiling) and thank heavens you don’t work in a corporate hell hole (put down your CV, there’s no turning back now!).…

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5 Ways to Attract Tourists to Your Business

5 ways to attract toursits

South Africa is no stranger to streams of tourists that hit its shores all year round. The South African tourism industry has its hands full with holidaymakers, honeymooners and business honchos itching to enjoy the splendour our country has to offer. The Rand-[insert any other major currency here] exchange has made the Rainbow Nation a…

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How to make an effective marketing plan on a small budget

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With the challenging economic climate that’s settled on South Africa like a dark winter cloud you might find that your business has hit a bit of a lull; phones aren’t ringing off the hook like they used to and you find yourself thinking of ways to cut back on costs. You haul out your budget…

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Dylan on Mix FM

Shift one blog podcast

Dylan was recently interviewed on MixFM. Check out this podcast and hear what she has to say about Integrated Marketing:

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Business Owner: Three Skills You Can’t Fake

Shift One digital blog

By Dylan Kohlstadt As entrepreneurs and business owners, we have to wear many hats: CEO, rain-maker, negotiator, tenant, employer, supplier, and the list goes on. However, as we grow in business, the gaps in our knowledge start to show as our core business strengths begin to shine through, and our ‘wing it on a prayer’…

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The Value of Knowing Your Customer

knowing your customer shift one

The key to unlocking customer loyalty – the pot of gold all businesses hunt after every day – is in understanding our customer. Really understanding them. Not just wanting their sweaty-palmed Rands, but actually wanting to capture their hearts. When you have their hearts, you will have their loyalty, and loyalty is the ultimate prize.…

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