WhatsApp Launches Business App for SME’s

Entrepreneurs, WhatsApp is about to help you up your business game. WhatsApp has officially launched their new Business App in select markets overseas and we cannot wait for it to reach South African shores.  As the fastest growing communication tool in the world, the app’s use has gone far beyond simply chatting with your friends.…

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5 Social Media Mishaps That Could Get You Fired

This is not a drill, people. Your boss and your customers are keeping an eye on every tweet, like and hashtag you post on social media. Before you panic and decide to purge yourself of all your social platforms and become a hermit, keep reading.  Here are 5 Social Media Mishaps you should avoid at…

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What is the best CRM for your SME ?

Finding a great product or service can really make all the difference to your business. It’s vital that you choose something that does what you need it to and something that your team will embrace (so you actually get to measure your ROI). So what is the best CRM for your SME and how do you go…

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4 Ways to Use WhatsApp in your Business including Do’s and Don’ts

WhatsApp threatens the existence of cellular service providers, you know that, right? Why pay for phone calls when you can call over Wi-Fi or use ever-cheapening data? Except there’s still nothing more annoying that receiving a WhatsApp phone call. When I see an incoming WhatsApp call, I am immediately annoyed. So, there are still miles…

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Shift ONE a Winner in the NSBC South African Small Business Awards

NSBC Small business awards

BREAKING NEWS: Shift ONE was selected as a top 20 finalist in the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) Awards for 2016, out of over 6,200 entrants. Top Entrepreneurs Nationwide The National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) announced South Africa’s Top 20 Small Business & Entrepreneurship Award winners and the finalists of the 2016 South African Small…

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5 Ways to Attract Tourists to Your Business

5 ways to attract toursits

South Africa is no stranger to streams of tourists that hit its shores all year round. The South African tourism industry has its hands full with holidaymakers, honeymooners and business honchos itching to enjoy the splendour our country has to offer. The Rand-[insert any other major currency here] exchange has made the Rainbow Nation a…

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The Value of Knowing Your Customer

knowing your customer shift one

The key to unlocking customer loyalty – the pot of gold all businesses hunt after every day – is in understanding our customer. Really understanding them. Not just wanting their sweaty-palmed Rands, but actually wanting to capture their hearts. When you have their hearts, you will have their loyalty, and loyalty is the ultimate prize.…

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An Open Letter to Kauai – When Good Brands Go Bad


Dear Kauai,   We’re all still getting used to the drastic carpet-pulling of your new brand and CI. It’s several months down the line already, so you’d presume we’d have warmed up to it by now, but I think I speak for a lot of people when I say, “meh.”   You don’t know (and…

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5 Digital Trends that Will Change Your Life in 2016

The digital space is always shifting, expanding, creating room for more. Our newsfeeds are inundated daily with fresh influxes of ICT-related information, and every week brings new advances in tech, big and small. With the constant buzz around innovation, we’re not always sure what’s really disrupting the industry, and what’s just fluff. How Digital Will…

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