Five Benefits of a Recruitment Agency

HIRE THE BEST PEOPLE, THE FIRST TIME: Five Benefits of a Recruitment Agency

Want to hire top talent the first time around and reduce high employee turnover? Then look into using a recruitment agency.

If you handle your own recruitment, then you know what this feels like: 

A Google Drive folder full of CVs that you’re forced to sift through to find an adequate copywriter or graphic designer… 

A job posting on your company’s LinkedIn page that received thousands of applicants that you need to filter through…

An interview that ends with a hiring, only for the employee to resign after one month… 

Do those scenarios sound familiar? Have you ever wondered: what are we doing wrong, and how can we do better? 

It should not be this difficult to find talented marketing staff who stick around, after all, your competitors seem to be getting it right. 

So before you skim-read another CV, get help. Let 2023 be the year you build a successful marketing team and retain them. 

There are multiple benefits of a recruitment agency, and maybe a recruitment agency is what you need to hire the best digital marketers.  

What Does a Recruitment Agency Do? 

A recruitment agency manages the hiring process on behalf of a company. This doesn’t mean that a recruitment agency decides which people to hire; the company still has the final say and gets involved toward the end of the hiring process. 

In addition, if you’re not happy with the candidate and let them go, or they leave within a short period of time, your recruitment agency will find another candidate for you. 

However, a recruitment agency’s job is to take the hassle out of the hiring process and streamline it for the company and the candidate. Typical responsibilities of a recruitment agency include the following:

  • Posting job listings. 
  • Reviewing resumes. 
  • Identifying relevant candidates. 
  • Arranging and conducting interviews. 
  • Negotiating contracts and salaries. 
  • Test the skills of the candidates. For example, give them a copywriting task to ensure their skills are up to standard. 

Do these responsibilities currently fall on your weary shoulders? It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Here are several benefits of a recruitment agency: 

First Benefit to using a Recruitment Agency: Experts in a Niche

It’s not ideal for a content marketing manager to interview a website developer, or a CEO to write up a digital marketing job listing, review CVs and arrange interviews. It’s not in their job description, they already have enough work on their plate, and it’s not necessarily their forte.

So, maybe you need an expert to do that job for you. 

That’s where a digital marketing recruitment agency comes in. It’s their job to stay up to date on hiring practices, salary expectations, the employee landscape within your industry, and the nuances of the marketing positions you need to fill, even if you don’t recognise them yourself. A recruitment agency has the specialist knowledge to streamline your hiring process and get you top talent. 

Digital marketing recruitment experts can assist you in several ways:

  • Negotiate salaries with a comprehensive knowledge of your industry’s salary standards. 
  • Recognise employee red flags that could cause problems in the future. 
  • Adhere to hiring practices and avoid legal issues. 

Look for a digital marketing recruiemtn agency that knows digital marketing, marketing and social media – companies like Shift ONE digital are a fully fledged digital agency, they also offer training in digital marketing as well as digital marketing recruitment in that space, so you can see how a recruitment company like this really understands the industry, candidates, roles and what’s required, because it’s what they live daily.

Second Benefit to using a Recruitment Agency: Save Time, Money, and Energy

One of the primary benefits of a recruitment agency is its ability to save CEOs and marketing managers time and money. Recruit Caribbean reports that working with a recruitment agency can reduce hiring costs by between 40% and 60%. That’s a big deal. 

Consider, too, that it can take companies up to three months to hire a new employee, while it costs as much as a quarter of an employee’s annual salary to get rid of a bad hire and replace them.


As you can see (and have probably experienced yourself), the hiring process isn’t something you can afford to mess up, at least not without feeling the painful financial consequences. When you hire someone and they leave, you waste the money (and time) invested in them. 

Respect your time. Can you afford to screen hundreds of applicants, meet for interviews, and conduct proper background checks on every bright-eyed prospective employee? Maybe not. 

Let a digital marketing recruitment agency perform the following to save you time and money:

  • Sort the good, the bad, the terrible, and the amazing candidates from a pile of CVs. 
  • Interview candidates.
  • Fact-check candidates’ references. 
  • Identify potential candidates and reach out to them about the open positions.
  • Create job listings. 
  • “Sell” your company to top talent by highlighting the benefits you offer. 
  •  Replace candidates that fail to meet your expectations at no additional cost. 

Third Benefit to using a Recruitment Agency: Get Your Pick of High-Quality Candidates

 A high-quality candidate is someone who is well-qualified for the position and remains with your company for an extended period, positively contributing to the company’s growth. 

But have you ever hired someone to discover that they can’t do the work? Mistakes happen, other team members are called in to fix those mistakes, and the new hire becomes increasingly overwhelmed. 

Meanwhile, as the manager, you scramble to keep disruptions and errors from reaching the client. 

However, one of the benefits of a recruitment agency is that they give you your choice of high-quality candidates. Thus, the chances of hiring someone who doesn’t perform to the desired standard are low.  

A digital marketing recruitment agency will carefully assess potential candidates, so when you finally meet them, you know you’re meeting the best of the best. 

How a recruitment agency attracts high-quality candidates include:

  • Identifying the right qualities in applicants and noticing which qualities are negative.   
  • Ability to find candidates who align with your company’s values (i.e. good work-life balance, environmental responsibility, etc.).

Fourth Benefit to using a Recruitment Agency: Access a Wider Pool of Talent 

A key benefit of a recruitment agency is that they give you access to a broader talent pool. If you feel like you’re currently swimming in circles around the same mediocre candidates, it’s time to enlist the help of a recruitment agency and expand your reach. 

A recruitment agency accesses a broader pool of talent in several ways, including; 

  • Reaches out to people (a.k.a passive candidates) currently employed elsewhere and haven’t applied for your company’s job opening but could still be interested. 

Fifth Benefit to using a Recruitment Agency: Remain Agile for the Future

Your company can’t grow quickly if employee turnover is high. Every hour spent recruiting and training new employees is time you could dedicate to tasks that directly grow your business. 

A recruitment agency helps you remain agile for the future by letting you focus on your business, instead of the tedious recruitment process. Here are several ways a recruitment agency helps you: 

  • Finds you top talent quickly and efficiently, minimising disruption to your day-to-day business operations. For example, if you’re on a tight deadline and a team member quits, a recruitment agency is well-equipped to find you a replacement promptly. 
  • Boosts your brand awareness by engaging with an extensive network. 

Hire the Best People to Improve Your Marketing in 2023

Your business is unique. You need to find the right people who align with your values, who are great digital marketers, and who will stick around long enough to help grow your business and level up your marketing.  

Let it be Shift One Recruitment’s responsibility to find those people for you. We’ll get to know your team and understand their needs to find a good match. 

Then we’ll go out there and find the best people to help your business thrive and stay competitive in an ever-changing marketing landscape. Best of all, our recruitment rates are some of the lowest in the industry. 
Can we help you? Visit us to see how our leading digital marketing recruitment agency can get you top talent for everything 2023 brings. Or simply send our team an email. Let’s get you great people!

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