Junior Paid Advertising Manager

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Junior Paid Advertising Manager

The role of Junior Paid Advertising Manager at Shift ONE will require someone with a basic
understanding of paid digital advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, etc.


Job level: Junior
Type: Permanent, full-time
Experience: 1-2 years experience in above role

The candidate will have the following responsibilities:
● Setup and management of all PPC campaigns across platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook,
Instagram, Google, etc)
● Daily management and optimisation of all PPC campaign
● Lead generation campaigns across clients
● Monthly reporting
● Client communication when needed
● Client meetings when needed

Skills and Knowledge Requirements
● B2B Lead generation knowledge and experience
● Knowledge of Google Analytics
● Google Ads knowledge and experience
● LinkedIn Ads knowledge and experience
● Meta Ads knowledge and experience
● Facebook Business Manager knowledge and experience
● Excellent written and spoken English language skills
● Certified Training or relevant experience in Google, Meta, LinkedIn, etc.
● SEO Knowledge
● Understanding keywords and keyword research

Personal Attributes:
● Values to match those of the business: honesty, integrity, hard working,
● driven, self managing, self motivated, helpful
● Hungry to learn about digital and traditional marketing
● Ability to think out of the box
● Asks questions, but first tries to figure out for self
● Good organizational skills
● Proactive and problem solving skills
● Excellent verbal and written communication skills (English)

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