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How to Create a Successful Social Media Strategy

Creating social media goals from business objectives.

Having a well thought out Social Media strategy for your business is fundamental to success in today’s always-on digital landscape. Mastering the many different aspects of your Social Media strategy can often feel overwhelming. It can be a long and challenging process. Aligning Social Media Goals with The Business’s Objectives A good place to start…

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Dynamic Strategy: How to plan for the unpredictable

As a result of the COVID-19 virus, businesses around the globe have been caught unawares and have been significantly impacted, scrambling for solutions belatedly. This serves to highlight the importance of having a robust and dynamic strategy in place to manage your business during times of unexpected uncertainty and crises.  A sound and dynamic business…

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Free Downloadable: Your Personal Brand Workbook

It may sound corny but it’s true – you are unique. Each one of us also has something to share with others; something that can help someone else by sharing it – whether it’s your story, your skills or your knowledge, social media is here to help you create an audience and amplify your voice.…

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Free Downloadable: Target Market Template

Target Market Table Template So you have a great service or product to sell but you’re not sure of how to get the word out? Before you start advertising your product or service, it is important to do an analysis and a breakdown on who your target market is. This target market table template becomes…

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Why Digital Marketing is Like Game of Thrones

Digital Marketing

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones you’ll appreciate the level of hard work that went into writing those books. So far, George RR Martin (GRRM) has enthralled the world with his vivid imagination, the detailed history of the Seven Kingdoms, and especially the gut-wrenching tragedies behind the characters. Game of Thrones has everything from dragon-riding fire queens,…

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Marketing Fragmentation:
A cross-device world

Guest blogger, Ellen De Matos Silva, Founder of Digital Blue Ocean, shares her thoughts on fragmentation in marketing and how online users are becoming increasingly comfortable with a cross-device messaging world. Online users live a multi-device ‘noisy’ world due to a multitude of devices that travel across an assortment of digital media channels. The world…

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Content Layering in Social Media

By Dylan Kohlstädt   So you’re active on social media, hooray. Welcome to the club of people trying to work this new, crazy space out. In my recent, popular blog, Why your Social Media Sucks: The Five Layers of Social Media, I covered how you can go from “me too” social media to “next level”…

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